Dave Cohn

EasyLanguage Specialist®
BS Electrical Engineering, MBA, Patent Holder

As a certified EasyLanguage Specialist®1 with 5 years experience answering over 17,000 posts on the EasyLanguage® Support Forum, and now, 7 years experience as CEO of Emerald Trading Technologies, Inc., Dave is thoroughly versed in EasyLanguage® nuances and builds on a strong foundation of listening to the customer, bringing clarity to the issues, and finding solutions to the problems. He asks the questions that help you rigorously define your project and decide if it is possible, affordable, and ultimately, desirable. To see his organizational skills, check out his Master Post on TradeStation®. There are many paths that can be taken when writing code. How the code is written can impact how efficiently your strategy trades. Having been exposed to so many other trader's and developer's code and to finding solutions to their issues, Dave brings a broad perspective to coding and a deep understanding of just how to effectively and quickly code in EasyLanguage® while avoiding non-obvious pitfalls.

EasyLanguage Specialist

1While there are hundreds of EasyLanguage® Developers, there are only about 40 EasyLanguage Specialists.®

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  • Change the rules of a strategy to which you subscribe even when you don't have the code
    Not a trading strategy: It improves YOUR trading strategy by modifying its entries and exits.
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    We provide custom code development, general consulting, and individual or group instruction in TradeStation's® EasyLanguage® with an initial, no-charge consultation (up to one hour with screen sharing session if desired). We offer enhancements to the TradeStation® Platform capabilities through our TradeStation® TradingApp® Store Apps. 

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    Do you have a coding issue which is causing you to pull your hair out?  We've been there and unfortunately , we still visit from time to time!


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    Our TradingApp® Store Apps extend and enhance the TradeStation platform capabilities. Manipulate your strategies without knowing EasyLanguage® or having access to the underlying code


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    Subscribing to a trading strategy - want to learn how to estimate future performance? Do you want to learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff?


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    Do you want to learn how to rigorously backtest - BEFORE going live?  Learn how to evaluate your strategy without losing money!


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    Do you want to better understand how slippage can undermine a brilliant strategy?  Stated another way - how can I lose money on a zero commision trade when the price went the right direction?


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    Frequently asked questions about TradeStation® and EasyLanguage®

    An overview of resources to help you answer your TradeStation and EasyLanguage questions.

    What are the advantages of TradeStation® and EasyLanguage®?
    TradeStation® and EasyLanguage® offer the most comprehensive capabilities of any trading platform that we know of:
    • For both manual and automated trading.
    • For creating custom indicators and automated trading strategies. 
    • For more information see
     Introduction to TradeStation® Trading Platforms

    How hard is it to learn EasyLanguage®?
    Where can I find a good overview of EasyLanguage®?
    What are "must watch" TradeStation® videos for newbies?
    What are some of the things to watch out for when starting out?
    If you are new to trading, then you need to give yourself time to learn about trading before investing hard-earned dollars.  TradeStation® with its very powerful Simulated Live Trading, Strategy Historical Back-testing, and Slippage accounting capabilities, offers tremendous power for trading. It can help you learn about and explore trading before you invest actual dollars. TradeStation® offers clients free webinars with well known trading experts presenting trading concepts and systems. The key to remember is "Crawl first, then Walk, and then Run"
    How do I learn more about Backtesting?
    How does Simulated Live Trading differ from Live Trading?
    What is Slippage and why is it important?

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    While we are physically located in Sylvania, Ohio, USA, we offer our services all over the world through the phone, Google Meets, Zoom and TeamViewer. Zoom allows us to see each other or we can see your screen to see problems you might have with TradeStation® and EasyLanguage. TeamViewer allows us to remotely share your screen and fix problems on the fly or actively train you on TradeStation®. We can also video record the session and email it to you, so that you can review what your are learning at your leisure.

    Please, first make an appointment with Support@EmeraldTradingTechnologies.com

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    Please, first make an appointment with Support@EmeraldTradingTechnologies.com

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    The old fashioned way still works great and minimizes miscommunication.

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