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TradeWhenTrue - A TradingApp® Store App

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TradeWhenTrue TradeWhenTrue Nathan Dumloa
  • Do you need to add a simple filter or rule to your strategy but don’t know EasyLanguage? 
  • Have you written a strategy which you would like to quickly modify and explore? 
  • Maybe the strategy is a TradeStation TradingApp Store product and even if you could alter it, you don’t have access to the code? 
  • Do you want to avoid paying a developer and sharing your idea with them?  TradeWhenTrue may be your solution.

TradeWhenTrue allows you to add a rule or filter to a strategy to further constrain when it enters trades, without requiring any changes to the strategy code itself! Let me repeat that in a different way: It allows you to change how the strategy trades without making any changes to the strategy code! Sound too strange or good to be true? It may, but that is what TradeWhenTrue can do. And most critically, it can do this for TradeStation strategies where you cannot see or modify the strategy code, such as “Black Box”, protected, or TradingApp Store strategies. If you have had any of these questions then the TradeWhenTrue product may be what you need. So you might ask why a developer would create a product like this that could acually reduce the amount of development work he does? Because this product addresses customer needs. And when customer needs are effectively addressed then everything else will take care of itself. And one more thing about TradeWhenTrue: The rule or filter can be as simple or complex as you desire. For example, the rule could be that only when the RSI( Relative Strength Index ) is above 60 to allow entries. Or it could be a complex set of combined rules. If it is a simple rule, you may be able to insert it directly into TradeWhenTrue using a simple EasyLanguage statement like: RSI( Close, 14 ) >= 60. This would only allow trades when the 14-period RSI was at 60 or higher. Or if it a complex set of rules that cannot be defined in a single EasyLanguage statement, then you can put these rules into a custom function, and then specify the function for TradeWhenTrue. And if you cannot write the EasyLanguage statements or function, then we or other developers can write it for you. While this will have a cost, it can be done much faster and cheaper than modifying the strategy code to add the rule. Of course, this assumes you have access to the strategy code, which as explained above, you may not have. If you subscribe to the StartAndStopTrading product, which combines all the products together, it allows you to specify up to 10 different rules, all working together. This capability would be like using the TradeWhenTrue product 10 times.For those who need some help in creating theTradeWhenTrue EasyLanguage statements or functions, Emerald does this very cost effectively. And if you are interested in learning EasyLanguage we are happy to teach you EasyLanguage to any level of skill you desire. TradeWhenTrue is just one product in a whole family of products called StartAndStopTrading_ForAllStrategies. All the products in this family have the same principle of operation: Modify when a strategy trades without modifying the strategy code. The product names tell you what they do: TradeTimeWindowTradeDayWindowTradeMonthWindowDailyProfitTargetDailyStopLoss, ExitAtMarketClose and ExitTimeOfDay And two new related products that will be released in the near future: DailyAccountWideProfitTarget and DailyAccountWideStopLossnec id arcu quis mauris euismod placerat sit amet ut metus. Sed imperdiet fringilla sem eget euismod. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.

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