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EasyLanguage Support Forum EasyLanguage Support Forum David Cohn

Organized answers to common EasyLanguage® problems can be found on the TradeStation® Support Forum's "Master Post"


QUICKLY find the best TradeStation® EasyLanguage® Support Forum Answers in an organized tree structure of links.  Many questions, both simple and complex are answered with code which you can copy and use.

While working at TradeStation® as an EasyLanguage® Engineer, Dave answered questions on the TradeStation EasyLanguage Support Forum. There were two basic challenges:

The Support Forum, while a “gold mine” of information, was not conveniently organized to easily find information. The same questions got asked and answered over and over again and there was no organized way to look up previously asked questions and more importantly, the answers.

Simple questions may not always have simple answers - there may need to be a history and background.  MasterPost allows you to start at whatever level you feel comfortable and then proceed down the tree into greater detail.

Dave created the MasterPost, a directory of links, which leveraged the Forum’s 100,000+ posts to optimize your time in finding substantive answers to your questions.  The MasterPost begins with typical general activities, like learning EasyLanguage, writing Strategies and Indicators or Automating a Strategy. It then allows you to successively drill down into greater detail to get to very specific information. Hundreds of documented code examples organized by topic are available.

To access the FAQs and Directory Tree - login to the MasterPost from this page: You must be a TradeStation customer and currently logged into TradeStation in a separate tab or window. If you are not logged in, but are a customer, then when you click below, you will be transferred and you can log in at the prompt.

Fix this link The MasterPost will appear in a pop-up window, if you click HERE href="">HERE

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